Seedling Tool Kit


Combined with a seedling tool and a dual-use transplanting tool. Can help you loosen soil, dig, seeding and transplant seedlings safely. Mini and lightweight, easy storage and carry, work very well for succulent plants, bonsai plants and indoors for small plants.

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Use this small tool to sow seeds into the transplanted nursery box, which is very simple and convenient.

The cone is a hole puncher that can be inserted during seeding to understand the depth of the soil.

Seedling Tool Kit
Seedling Tool Kit

Plants drill out a medium surface according to the size of the seed and play different opening shadows.

Over the lifting device, it can be used to help insert peat balls from the inside out to provide effective assistance.

Seedling Tool Kit
Seedling Tool Kit

The other side of the small shovel can be used for a small potting shovel, such as succulents.


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