Sleeveless Linen Apron


This apron is very pleasant to the body and will suit both men and women. Protect yourself from stains with these brightly coloured aprons!

38 x 47 cm55 x 68 cm
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Soft Material: Soft, stylish, lightweight and durable with a smooth touch.

Exquisite Workmanship: All edges, pockets and ties of the apron are professionally hemmed and reinforced for longevity.

Widely Used: Best bib apron for all those who love to cook; Perfect for cooking, chores, picnics, parties, BBQ, drawing, art creation, gardening, camping and all kinds of places.

How to Clean: Do not bleach them or run them through a hot dryer to prevent them from shrinking too much. We suggest you simply wash them and hang them to dry.


Sleeveless Linen Apron
Sleeveless Linen Apron


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