Snail Shape Plant Grafting Clips


These invisible plant wall clips are made of ABS resin, safe and durable material, they are equipped with high-viscosity glue, and degradable material, giving plant support and fix while not harming them.

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Organize the branches of vines, which are beautiful and do not take up space, which is good for plant growth. The leaf-shaped invisible wall vines fixing clips plant perfectly blends with the wall. Also can be used for household cable management and other wiring management.


Snail Shape Plant Grafting Clips
Snail Shape Plant Grafting Clips

Suitable for a variety of walls such as tiles, marble, stainless steel, glass and other smooth walls. Our plant fixed support clips are not afraid of rain and corrosion, could be applied for garden, balcony, greenhouse, indoor and outdoor plants, can organize vine branches.


These plant climbing wall fixture clips are easy to install, you just need to peel off the strip and stick it to the wall, easy to disassemble, not easy to fall off, and will not hurt the wall.


Snail Shape Plant Grafting Clips


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