Soil Disinfection with Fungicide Wettable Powder


Unlike general fungicides, it interacts with metal ions in the soil to enhance its effectiveness of the soil. Not only can the soil pathogens be effective, but also promote the reproductive effect on plants.

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Soil Disinfection with Fungicide Wettable Powder

There is osmotic conductivity. The effect on the actinomycetes other than soil pathogens is small, so it does not affect the ecology of microorganisms in the soil.


                    Applicable Disease:

Rice: Blight, sheath blight, sclerotinia and a variety of diseases causing rotten sputum; wheat: total eclipse, scab, sheath blight, snow mould, root rot, blight

Cotton: Blight, rickets, blight, blight, verticillium

Beet: Blight, root rot

Tobacco: Smashing disease, black smut

Watermelon, Cucumber: Blight, disease, sclerotinia, blight, chalk disease, grey mould

Tomato: Gray mould, early blight, late blight, cotton blight, blight

Eggplant: Brown streak, blight, cotton blight, sclerotinia

Sweet Pepper: Gray mould, blight

Cabbage: Blackroot disease, sclerotinia

Beans: Blight, grey mold, sclerotinia

Onion, Garlic: Gray mould, purple spot

Fruit Tree: Round radix rot, root disease, purple feather disease, chalk disease

Forest Trees, Nursery: Blight, rickets, etc

Lawn: Brown spot, pythium blight, sickle blight

Soil Disinfection with Fungicide Wettable Powder
Soil Disinfection with Fungicide Wettable Powder


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