Soil Peat Seedling Blocks


The peat pellets are made of peat growing medium, no soil required, the roots of the seedlings can be contacted with the air through the fluffy structure to promote faster rooting of the plant.

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                            Seedling Method

Prepare seedling materials first: seedling block, seedling box, seed, watering can.

Soak the seedling block with water for 1 minute and wait for it to expand.

Then, put 2 – 4pcs seeds into the small round hole of each seedling block, the larger seeds are slightly deeper, and the smaller seeds are on the surface.

As for the right environment. The kettle is watered with water.

After germination, pay attention to the light to prevent excessive growth.

After the true leaves are produced, the whole seedling block can be transplanted to a suitable flowerpot for planting.

Soil Peat Seedling Blocks
Soil Peat Seedling Blocks


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