Special Compound Fertilizer Slow Effect


Domestic horticultural flower fertilizer slow effect controlled-release compound fertilizer orchid.

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Carefully prepared according to the different nutrient requirements of orchids during leaf observation and flowering.

Weight: About 40 grams per package

Water Absorption: 65%


Special Compound Fertilizer Slow Effect
Special Compound Fertilizer Slow Effect

Usage and Dosage: Take the flowerpot with a diameter of 20 cm as an example, use 4 – 5g each time, evenly sprinkle the loose pot soil into the pot, then pour the water through it. Five days, once a month.

Note: Due to its high concentration, do not overdose.


Commonly used orchids can enhance the disease resistance of orchids, improve the root microbial activity and soil permeability of orchids, promote the oil colour of orchids leaves, colourful flowers, floral overflowing, promote root growth, the strong seedling effect is significant.


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