Special Fertilizer for Watermelon Melon Pumpkin


It is rich in chelated zinc, boron, manganese, iron, copper, calcium and other trace elements and marine active substances. It is professionally used for nutritional regulation of disease resistance and growth, enlargement and sweetness according to the growth and development of crops.

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Applicable Crops: Watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, winter melon, pumpkin and other melon crops.

Use: 1 g + 1 kg (1L) water  –   Foliar spray and watering of plant root.


Special Fertilizer for Watermelon Melon Pumpkin

1) Quick absorption, timely supplementation of various nutrients, strong rooting and strong vines, the establishment of a large root system, thick stems and leaves, strong leaf colour, anti-rotten roots, yellow leaves, withering and wilt, effective within three days after use, and quickly restore growth. ·

2) Professionally promotes flower tube development, induces male flowers to become female flowers, improves pollination rate, strengthens strong flower base melon, prevents melons, young melon covers quickly and swells, melon shape, no deformity, no belly, mellow heart, Bright skin, increased sugar content, good quality, and good taste.

3) Enhance the ability of crops to resist cold damage, drought, and re-stubble, and effectively alleviate fertilizer damage and pesticide damage.

4) Can be mixed with most pesticides and synergistic with each other, but not with strong acid and alkaline preparations.

5) Spray the whole plant after 10 am or 4 pm.

6) Leave it for a long time, if it does not affect the fertilizer effect, it will dissolve in water.

Special Fertilizer for Watermelon Melon Pumpkin
Special Fertilizer for Watermelon Melon Pumpkin


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