Sphagnum Moss 10 g


It perfectly passes air, absorbing excess moisture from it, and dry, on the contrary, moisturizes to a comfortable level.

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Sphagnum Moss 10 g

Moss will quickly absorb excess moisture, so rot does not threaten the seeds. But then he will give them excess moisture and they will not dry out.

Due to the same effect, moss is actively used in the care of plants in pots. It is necessary to lay a thick layer of sphagnum directly on the soil, after which it will be possible to water the flowers not daily, but once a week. At the same time, moss will protect plants from bacteria and infections that carry diseases. It has long been noticed that sphagnum, which has antiseptic properties, does not allow the appearance of mold and fungi near itself.

The properties of this moss are truly unique.

  • Absorbs Moisture 20-25 Times More Than its Own Weight. Sphagnum leaf cells have amazing water-retaining properties. This moss has no equal in the ability to maintain humidity levels.
  • Kills Bacteria. Marsh moss sphagnum contains carbolic acid, so it is used as an antiseptic.
  • Does Not Rot. Antiseptic properties allow sphagnum to avoid the process of rotting. There are practically no nutrients in it, which further slows down decomposition.
  • Turns into peat. Dying parts of moss form up to 2 mm of swamp peat per year.
    Increases the acidity of the soil. Polyatomic alcohol contained in sphagnum creates an acidic environment. This can be used in case of leaching of the land on the site, as well as for crops that like acidic soil.
  • Improves the air permeability of the soil. Sphagnum makes the soil more loose, allowing air to flow freely to the root system of plants.
Sphagnum Moss 10 g
Sphagnum Moss 10 g
Sphagnum Moss 10 g
Sphagnum Moss 10 g


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