Square White Seedling Sponge


Sprouting without soil or chemical additives, this square seedling sponge can realize a very clean and organized planting method and ensure the healthy growth of plants.

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Made of high-quality PU sponge material, this hydroponic sponge is odourless, safe, anti-corrosion, strong and durable to use, very environmentally friendly, ensures a long service life.

Sponge block recesses easily clip seedlings and the seeds will not easy to fall off. This package contains a total of 100 pcs planting sponges to meet your various planting needs.

This planting hydroponic sponge is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, the roots grow through the mesh fabric for better breathing and growth, gorgeous decoration in your garden.

This hydroponic sponge can be widely used in gardening seedling, greenhouse cultivation, vegetable planting base and other fields, bringing your work with more convenience and high efficiency.

Square White Seedling Sponge
Square White Seedling Sponge


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