Tetra Fish Fine Red Granules


Meticulous research and nutritional knowledge provide the basis for all the fish and shrimp feed that we supply. Through the application of our active nutrition concept, each dietary component is present for a specific reason – to perform a particular action that contributes to the health, welfare, or growth of the fish or shrimp at a time when it is most required. Feeds are tailored to suit species, size, biology, environmental, and breeding conditions.

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A complete premium quality granulated food intended for the daily feeding of juveniles and small fishes like tetras, minnows, danios, rasboras, barbs, guppies, endlers, killifish, and many others. The food contains a high share of protein, vitamins, and minerals to support the growth and health of your fish. Added β-Glucans and Omega−3 fatty acids strengthen the immunity of your fish against disease and give them a healthy and fresh appearance. These are sinking granules. The new and improved high protein and high-fat formula provide the required proteins, fats, and amino acids for excellent growth rates and the vitamin, enzyme, and mineral supplements to help maintain the fish in good condition and excellent health.

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