Thickened Waterproof Cover


Rain or shine, snow or wind this heavy tarp can handle it all! It is UV resistant, waterproof and weatherproof, and can withstand storms and the elements outdoors.

1.8 x 5.1 m2 x 2 m2 x 3 m2 x 4 m2 x 5 m3 x 3 m3 x 4 m
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Made from polyethene, this material is made to last. Don’t get tired of replacing torn, worn-out plastic tarps, use one that offers the best protection and is designed to last.

Easy installation – with mounted tension rings at the tip of the corner, can be easily fixed onto or detached from existing structures

Low maintenance – just clean it with common detergent and water.


Thickened Waterproof Cover
Thickened Waterproof Cover
Thickened Waterproof Cover


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