Wall Clips


Suitable for a variety of walls such as tiles, marble, stainless steel, glass and other smooth walls. Great for growing climbing plants and other climbing fruit, flower and vegetable plants.

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These invisible wall vine fixing clips are made of ABS resin, safe and durable material, they are equipped with high-viscosity glue, so you don’t need to worry about the clips falling off. These fixing clips give plant support and fix with no harming to your plants, you can use them for long time. Creative plant climbing wall fixture clips, which are beautiful and do not take up space, which is good for plant growth. The leaf-shaped invisible wall vines fixing clips plant perfectly blends with the wall. Not only can be used to fix the stems of plants, put in various shapes to add additional decorations to your walls, keep them in a neat state.

Wall Clips
Wall Clips
Wall Clips

Plant fixed support clips are not afraid of rain and corrosion, could be applied for garden, balcony, greenhouse, indoor and outdoor plants, can organize vine branches, the invisible clips and the plants could blend together. They also can be applied to fix wires to make your house tidy and beautiful. You need to wipe the wall, then stick the self-adhesive on the back of the clip, tear off the self-adhesive protective film, stick it on the wall and press tightly, gently open the plant clips, put the vines of the plant into the clip, buckle it; The operation is simple and convenient, does not require any tools, easy to disassemble, not easy to fall off, and will not hurt the wall.


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