Watering Spray Bottle


This hand-held pump sprayer can be used for Irrigation plants, fertilizing, pet bathing, home cleaning and car washing. The translucent water tank can clearly show the remaining water amount in the pot and replenish the liquid in time, and the tank is equipped with a filter to achieve non-clogging spraying.

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The handheld lawn sprayer bottle is made of high-quality PET and PP material, strong and durable, super tight seal and leak-proof, does not leak. This pump pressure sprayer contains a translucent bottle. You can easily check the fluid level and know exactly when to refill. The spray bottle is large enough so you don’t need to refill it frequently.


Watering Spray Bottle
Watering Spray Bottle

The high-quality nozzle can adjust the intensity of the water spray, you can choose the sprayer mode accordingly by twisting the nozzle from direct injection to fine mist spray.


Hand pump sprayer lightweight and versatile, Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, weed control, gardening, auto, general cleaning sanitation other cleaning solutions.

Size: 32 x 15 cm


Watering Spray Bottle


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