Waterproof Garden Transplant Mats


The planting mat can meet your various gardening needs like digging, watering, loosening soil, transplanting, fertilizing, pruning and hydroponics growing etc, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Premium Material: The plant potting mat is made of waterproof oxford cloth material, which can prevent water stains from leaking on the floor when planting and watering for your plants.


Easy to Store: The mat is easy to fold, convenient to carry and store. Besides, it’s also space-saving and reusable.


Waterproof Garden Transplant Mats
Waterproof Garden Transplant Mats

Leak-Proof Design: Each of the four corners has two copper poppers, just use the poppers to close the corner so that you can fold the mat into shape, which can easily prevent water and soil from leaking out, keep the floor or tabletop clean.


Keep Mess in One Place: once you’re done you can just scoop it all up and the mess will stay inside the mat. This plant potting mat will save you from making a mess every time you do any indoor or outdoor gardening.


Waterproof Garden Transplant Mats


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