Waterproof Wall Flower Pockets


The back waterproof layer effectively protects the wall without any stains. Also, this flower holder has a sealed bottom design. Upgraded waterproof design allows you to not only use it outdoors but also beautifully decorate your interior.

124 x 30 cm (9 Pocket)67 x 30 cm (4 Pocket)95 x 30 cm (6 Pocket)
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Waterproof Wall Flower Pockets

Hanging garden pockets were made of felt cloth that is a high-quality environmental protection material. Practically, this growing bag can make a great environment for your plants, such as herbs, strawberries, flowers, vegetables and so on.

Although the planting bag is waterproof, it is also breathable. When the plant has enough moisture, the bag will automatically ooze excess water to maintain a comfortable growth environment. 

Sturdy and corrosion-resistant, the decorative planting pockets are really suitable for hanging anywhere, your room, living room, kitchen, garden, loft and more.

Waterproof Wall Flower Pockets


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