Windmill Set to Scare Birds


Get rid of unwanted creatures without expensive contraptions that don’t work! These super-effective holographic mylar pinwheels spin in the breeze and reflect light, which scares away most bothersome pests.

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Windmill Set to Scare Birds

Use-Anywhere Deterrent: Protect your property wherever you are, from your home, garden, orchard or barn, to balconies and garages. This reflective deterrent is easy to set up, is highly weatherproof and to top it all off, it looks great in your yard, lawn, pond or else too!

Harnessing the power of the wind and sunshine, this pinwheel spins with a light breeze and reflects light, repelling wildlife with natural motion and lights.


Cruelty-Free: If you’re concerned about harming wildlife but still want them off your property, this is the solution for you! These pinwheels are completely harmless to birds and other critters, relying only on visual signals to repel unwanted troublemakers.

No-Hassle Assembly: So easy a kid can do it! Just connect the pinwheel to the stake, stick it in the ground and you’re ready to spin. It can’t get any simpler than that!

Low Profile, Big Effect: No need to set up giant scarecrows or other large, complicated and unsightly deterrents. Measuring in at just 7 inches in diameter and an overall length of 19 inches, these simple but elegant pinwheels do the trick without having to overcomplicate things. They work in all types of weather!

Windmill Set to Scare Birds


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