Winter Protective Cover for Plants


The extra thick plant cover can defend your trees and shrub. The non-woven fabric is the material of plant cover to defend your plant against freeze, frost and other cold weather during winter, but also can defend your plants from strong sun, bugs and birds during spring and summer and slow penetration during the rainy day.

Beige (120 x 180 cm)Beige (140 x 200 cm)Beige (60 x 80 cm)Beige (80 x 100 cm)Green (120 x 180 cm)Green (140 x 200 cm)Green (60 x 80 cm)Green (80 x 100 cm)White (120 x 180 cm)White (140 x 200 cm)White (60 x 80 cm)White (80 x 100 cm)
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Good Protection: Provides protection from frost, snow and low temperature in winter. Defends plants while allowing air and dampness to go through and maintain the growth of plants. Multiple sizes are available. Suitable for tomatoes, citrus trees, shrubs trees, and other upright plants.


Winter Protective Cover for Plants
Winter Protective Cover for Plants

Zippered Design: The plant protector jacket is designed for your plants. Easy to provide protection to your big favourite plant. The zipper reduces the risk to young shoots and flower buds when fitting and removing the bottom can be adjusted according to the size of the plant. Directly cover plants and flowers and other products, shelter from wind and rain.


Moisturizing Function: Snow-proof, cold-proof and freeze-proof. With insulation lightweight and soft fabric, the frozen cover is plant friendly, has stable performance, no harm to plant growing.

High-Quality Non-Woven Fabric: No harm to human health and plant health. Anti-UV and lightweight can be used for up to 1-3 years.


Winter Protective Cover for Plants
Winter Protective Cover for Plants


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